Intelligent parking – Jo’burg airport’s biggest success story


A case study on the project has highlighted the benefits of the parking guidance system, which was developed by Intelligent Devices and Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) and implemented in 2007.

All airports have the same traffic and parking problems: drivers circling the facility in search of a parking space causes congestion, travellers miss their flights, and airports lose revenue as many drivers shun the airport's chaotic parking facilities and park off-site instead.

The Intelligent Parking Guidance Systems technology addresses these issues by simplifying the way parking works.

The system provides motorists with real-time information on how many spaces are available and where they are located at every decision point.

The accuracy of the system eliminates inefficiencies by using a parking sensor system that combines bay detection (with bay sensors), real-time updates and parking software into a complete advanced parking guidance system.

After implementation, the amount of time motorists spent looking for a space was reduced from 8 to 2.5 minutes, while increased parking utilisation led to an increase in revenue of more than 5%.

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