Intel Demonstrates AV Infotainment, Safety Tech

Intel Demonstrates AV Infotainment, Safety Tech

Intel is demonstrating infotainment, route-monitoring, and safety technology it has developed for autonomous vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The tech major is partnering with entertainment giant Warner Bros for the demonstrations. The companies say the systems will allow occupants of their so-called Intel-Warner Bros AV, a 2019 BMW X5 newly equipped with the tech, to be taken on a virtual journey to Gotham City, location of the Batman films.

They say the car is equipped with “mobile devices, sensory, and haptic feedback”, along with a TV and projectors displaying Gotham City on the windows. A voiceover from Batman’s butler explains to the occupants the functions of the route-monitoring and safety tech. This includes a system warning any distracted occupants about route changes.

The AV also showcases Intel’s  Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) program, which claims to convert “human notions of safe driving into mathematical equations” and maintain “a 360-degree safety monitoring zone around” the AV. This purportedly allows the AV to ‘make decisions’ in the same way a human driver would.

The Intel-Warner Bros AV’s infotainment system also features trailers for the latest Warner superhero films and a voiceover from Batman’s butler telling the occupants where they have arrived and how to exit safely.

Separately, Audi is partnering with Walt Disney to showcase its in-car virtual reality program based on Marvel’s Avengers franchise at CES.

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