Insurers Offered AI Risk Tool for Electrified Vehicles

A tool powered by AI has been launched claiming to be able to accurately assess insurance risks specifically for electric and hybrid powered vehicles.

The Swedish AI and insurance technology company, Greater Than has unveiled its AI based platform and services for electrified powertrain cars aimed at motor insurers, commercial fleets and automakers.

Greater Than’s AI algorithms claims to provide and detailed driving data from hybrid and electric vehicles in real-time offering the opportunity to learn and address tailored offerings for EV driving. The company now claims its offering delivers 99.98% accuracy in its risk analysis of driving behavior for drivers of EV and Hybrids who do not have OBD readers connected in their cars.

For drivers, the benefits offered include monitoring of how their driving styles affect the health of the vehicle’s battery. Using instant feedback, it is now possible to maximize the capacity of the battery and get the most out of every charge. The feedback gives the driver increased control to adjust the driving behavior accordingly to how long they want the battery to last.

Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than, said: “With an increased number of electric cars and hybrids on the streets, we are pleased to deliver a 100% risk analysis and full-service product for all our customers, regardless of the type of vehicle or fuel used.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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