INRIX releases Historical Traffic Speeds for Europe

INRIX releases Historical Traffic Speeds for Europe

Designed for use in routing and travel time applications for mobile and vehicle-based navigation systems, INRIX Historical Traffic Speeds encompasses accurate speed information for more than 420,000 km of roadway networks in Germany, France, the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Expanded coverage for additional countries and roads across Western Europe will be available soon.

INRIX delivers the broadest and most accurate real-time traffic information through its crowd-sourced traffic information network and data fusion technologies, blending billions of real-time data points from more than a million GPS-enabled commercial and consumer devices and traditional road sensor information.

INRIX Historical Traffic Speeds for North America provides average speeds on almost one million miles of roadways across major freeways, highways, urban and rural arterials and side streets in the US and Canada.

INRIX customers have licensed INRIX Historical Traffic Speeds for Europe and North America for integration with a wide variety of current and soon-to-be-released applications including vehicle navigation systems, fleet and logistics planning solutions, and portable navigation devices.

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