INRIX provides US traffic and fuel prices data for TomTom LIVE


INRIX delivers the traffic and fuel data for TomTom LIVE Services and other TomTom devices via INRIX Connected Services, a comprehensive dynamic content platform providing navigation OEMs and location-based service application developers with private label, go-to-market solutions for in-vehicle, PND, wireless phone and other connected devices.

According to TomTom president Jocelyn Vigreux, TomTom's proprietary Map Share and IQ Routes features bundled with INRIX's traffic information set a new standard in navigation.

INRIX Real-Time Traffic is available for 126 markets and 160,000 miles of roads in the US and Canada.

INRIX is also providing dynamic fuel prices for more than 80,000 gas stations to TomTom via its partnership with OPIS.

According to GPS Business News, when TomTom launched its first connected PND in the US in January this year, it used traffic information provided by TrafficCast.

While INRIX's announcement makes no mention of any other information provider, TomTom's vice president of marketing development says: "TomTom continues to use a dual-source business strategy to offer traffic and other real-time information to our customers," adding that TomTom has active relationships with both INRIX and TrafficCast.

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