INRIX and UIE Automotive partner to deliver real-time traffic on smartphone


The location-aware, real-time tracking enables drivers to visualise what is going on with traffic right now, to understand whether roads are going to be more or less congested in the near future, and whether there are any incidents, construction delays, or planned events that will affect their journey.

"INRIX proved to be best-in-class for providing real-time and predictive traffic data that enables UIE Automotive to deliver rich, location-based services to the connected owner," said Stephen Fishburn, general manager of UIE Automotive.

According to Kush Parikh, INRIX vice president of business development, the two companies share a common vision to extend real-time services to vehicle owners and provide a rich interactive experience inside and outside the vehicle.

"Our partnership broadens the distribution of INRIX traffic data and makes it easier for automotive OEM's and suppliers to provide a rich connected vehicle experience for vehicle owners," said Parikh.

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