Industry Voices: OEMs, Device Providers Face Off

Android Automotive seems particularly positioned to penetrate the automotive infotainment market as a universal platform, writes Fabian Chowanetz.

The battle to own the in-vehicle digital experience is heating up. The combatants are original equipment manufacturers and mobile-device providers, neither of which is soon to declare victory.

But there are increasing indications that consumers are gravitating toward solutions that seamlessly integrate their primary connection to their digital worlds – mobile phones – into their cars and trucks. The implications of this robust industry discussion are significant. Advanced technologies, including automotive infotainment systems, are emerging as a major selling point for consumers who increasingly see the lines between their digital and physical lives blurring.

OEMs have responded over the past decade by pumping financial and technical resources into flashy center console stacks that provide navigation, entertainment and connected services, as well as insight into vehicle and travel operations.

To read the full article, see WardsAuto.

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