TU, Keysight, 5G, LTE, Automotive Industry Leaders Discuss 5G & C-V2X Trends and Directions

Industry Leaders Discuss 5G & C-V2X Trends and Directions


Vehicles are becoming increasingly connected and autonomous and can communicate with each other in what is called the V-2-V model as well as with its surroundings via vehicle-to-everything, or V2X technology.

Join our panelists 5GAA, OmniAir, Qualcomm, and Keysight Technologies as they share their perspectives on 5G & C-V2X Test Insights.

• Convergence of telecommunication and automotive technologies and implications of 5G
• Importance of standards and certification programs to ensure performance and        interoperability across the C-V2X ecosystem
• Deployment status of C-V2X with LTE and 5G in different markets
• 3GPP Release 16 and its implications for new C-V2X use cases
• Challenges and solutions for LTE and 5G-based V2X

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