Industry Insight: Telematics, intellectual property and privacy

Industry Insight: Telematics, intellectual property and privacy

Telematics, data privacy and UBI

Susan Kuchinskas looks at how insurance telematics providers can anonymize usage-based insurance data to reassure consumers—and bolster the market

Telematics, IP litigation and the UBI market

Will intellectual property fights stifle the usage-based insurance market? Susan Kuchinskas reports

Telematics and legal issues with V2V technology

Cars that communicate with each other are already on the road. Susan Kuchinskas looks at Nevada's new regulations for insight into how the V2V legal and regulatory infrastructure can be developed

Insurance telematics: US state regulators tackle UBI

Susan Kuchinskas explains how insurance telematics vendors can align themselves with various US state regulators to give their solutions the best growth potential

California taps the brakes on insurance telematics

Susan Kuchinskas looks at how US state law can hinder insurance telematics

Telematics and privacy: The impact of ‘do not track’ proposals

Jerri-Lynn Scofield explores what the US Do Not Track Online Act could mean for the telematics industry

Telematics and consumer perception of the V2V driver interface

Stephanie Flores investigates what it will take to get consumers interested in vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) capabilities

Telematics: Backing up on backup cameras

Susan Kuchinskas examines the implications for the telematics industry of the delayed ruling on backup cameras in the US

Will GENIVI speed up telematics development?

Susan Kuchinskas looks at how GENIVI members are adapting to open-source methodology and culture

Executive viewpoints

Viewpoint: Telematics and fair insurance premiums for drivers

Richard Jelbert, product director, MyDrive Solutions, explores the different methods of data analysis available for insurers in order to extract the most accurate data and in turn offer premiums that best reflect driver risk

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