In-Door Mapping to Advance Automated Valet Parking

In-door mapping could soon advance automated valet parking to the mass market now that a production-ready navigation suite is available.

Parking specialist Parkopedia has launched a production version of its indoor mapping technology for in-vehicle navigation use. Indoor maps are based on high-definition 3D models of indoor parking facilities, where GPS signal is typically restricted. Indoor parking facilities currently present many challenges for drivers including navigation system blackouts, finding a vehicle within large parking facilities and locating vital services such as EV charging stations.

Yet the real boon for vehicles with advanced automated technologies, is the possibility that driverless valet parking could be rolled out to mass market vehicles. The automotive supplier suggests its vehicle indoor positioning without GPS is a fundamental step in enabling autonomous parking.

Parkopedia’s announcement follows the completion of the Autonomous Valet Parking project, which successfully demonstrated the use of indoor mapping technology to autonomously park a vehicle within a multi-story parking facility without GPS signal. It claims to have mapped key parking facilities across Europe, with coverage increasing daily.

Dr Brian Holt, head of HD maps at Parkopedia, said: “We have closely monitored the direction the industry is heading and the associated benefits with connectivity and autonomous driving, so starting to deliver an indoor mapping solution with OEMs is essential in meeting driver demands.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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