Improving Duty of Care with live monitoring of mobile staff


Masternaut tracks each journey, showing the vehicle speed, position, distance travelled and duration, with special ID keys to identify the driver where vehicles are shared.

The company has now added a range of Duty of Care features, including automatic alerts to warn if employees are at risk due to factors such as excessive hours on the road, failure to take required breaks on a long journey or speeding.

Alarms also protect loan workers and can alert when vehicles are being used without authorisation.

Masternaut Three X also offers extensive reporting facilities showing data such as miles driven, hours worked and speed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which enables trends to be identified and issues addressed.

The solution can also incorporate HourTrak, Masternaut's Working Time Directive solution to ensure employees are working within the law.

Other features to improve Duty of Care include improved routing and optimisation with traffic information allowing realistic schedules to be set, driving at safer times and on safer routes, together with guidance for drivers on route.

Staff working on their own can also benefit from personal GPS alarms allowing companies to pinpoint and communicate with field staff needing assistance.

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