Impinj acquires Intel’s RFID operation

Impinj acquires Intel’s RFID operation

The acquisition of Intel assets further enhances Impinj's position in the RFID market by adding a proven, high-performance, highly integrated reader radio chip to the Impinj family of UHF Gen 2 RFID products.

For developers of UHF RFID readers and reader-modules, Intel's R1000 chip provides superior levels of design flexibility, integrating onto a single chip 90% of the components required for a reader radio. By delivering unprecedented performance, integration and cost effectiveness to a worldwide customer base, the R1000 chip enables all reader form factors – fixed, mobile, embeddedand others-in applications across numerous vertical markets, including supply chain management, asset tracking, authentication and access control.

"This acquisition is a huge step for Impinj, accelerating our drive to deliver the highest performance, most cost effective RFID products available from any vendor anywhere," said William Colleran, president & CEO of Impinj.

"Adding the R1000 reader chip to Impinj's market-leading portfolio of tag chips and fixed-reader products allows us to deliver exceptional price-performance and enable a new category of customers who are developing their own game-changing products based upon Impinj technology."

"The demand for a highly integrated technology like the R1000 reader chip is growing everyday," said Mike Liard, research director at ABI Research. "The choice for Intel – the world's largest and most recognised chip maker – to work with Impinj is a clear indication of Impinj's role as a frontrunner in the RFID industry."

Liard added that the acquisition will allow Impinj to build new applications and promote new reader form factors, providing added stimulus to the market.

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