Impact of the Pandemic on International Autotech M&A

Sponsored Content’s latest Audio Interview features Miro Parizek.  Mr. Parizek is Principal Partner at Hampleton Partners, a tech M&A advisory firm with offices in London, Frankfurt, Stockholm and San Francisco. He has closed scores of transactions in over twenty countries spanning five continents and has extensive experience across a wide range of technologies. Before his 20 years in M&A, Miro was the founder of various software and IT Service companies.


In the 13-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Parizek discusses these questions:

  • Have you noticed a slow down in deal making within the autotech sector?
  • What kinds of autotech M&A do you believe will potentially go unscathed during 2020?
  • Do you see a difference in venture investment activity and M&A activity?
  • So, what are your views with regard to promising autotech sub-sectors after the Corona effect ends, let’s say 2021 and beyond?

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