iGO My way launched for iPhone

iGO My way launched for iPhone

Quarterly map updates are free until end-2010. North American, Western European and full Europe versions including the latest NAVTEQ and Top-Map maps can be purchased from the App Store.

Once downloaded, iGO My way needs only a single GPS satellite signal. Since all maps are stored on the device, users do not rely on cellular network coverage.

According to NNG Global Services CEO Tamás Vahl, iGO My way sets a standard in navigation for iPhone with which other developers must now compete. "iPhone users will find this application uses the full iPhone display capabilities, while several others we have seen still fall short of this standard."

The North American edition includes a detailed map for the US and Canada, with voice guidance available in English, Canadian French, and American and Mexican Spanish.

The European version offers maps for forty countries in 29 languages with Cyrillic and Greek characters.

iGO My way 2009 also includes a range of features, such as speed limit warnings, lane guidance and signpost information, 3D car models, fast / short / easy-to-follow / economic route selection, and automatic portrait and landscape orientation.

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