iBiquity Digital Highlights In-Vehicle Advanced Data Services Enabled by HD Radio Technology

iBiquity Digital Highlights In-Vehicle Advanced Data Services Enabled by HD Radio Technology

Telematics Munich – November 11, 2009 – iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer of digital HD Radio™ Technology for AM and FM audio and data broadcasting, today announced accelerated automotive momentum in 2009 and new advanced data services in the pipeline for HD Radio Technology.

“Automotive OEMs are continuing to announce their support for HD Radio Technology and those already committed are accelerating and expanding, which speaks volumes of the industry migration to this technology,” said Jeff Jury, Chief Operating Officer, iBiquity Digital. “By giving drivers access to fresh new formats, better clarity, no subscription fees, as well as advanced data and location-based services all from one technology, automotive manufacturers are realizing that HD Radio technology is the future of in-vehicle digital entertainment.”

HD Radio Technology Enables Advanced Services

  • HD Radio broadcasting offers listeners of AM and FM radio the quality, choice and interactive services that consumers have come to expect from digital technologies. From iTunes® Tagging to real-time traffic and location-based concierge information to premium content, HD Radio Technology’s advanced services are rapidly becoming an important complement to its signature crystal-clear sound and expanded audio programming. Potential HD Radio telematics services include advanced navigation, automotive, subscription audio, mobile entertainment and targeted data services, including:
  • Data Services enables broadcasters to offer data delivery, supplying information such as song titles and artist names, localized infotainment(e.g. gas prices, movie times, weather, local events information, sports scores, school closings, emergency alerts, etc.), stock quotes and much more. o Point-of-Interest (POI) updates to provide mobile delivery of local or regional points of interest information.
  • Real-Time TMC (Traffic Message Channel) and other location-based data can be delivered by local radio stations and displayed as overlays on both portable navigation devices and in-dash vehicle navigation systems, providing advanced navigation and traveler information. o Traffic database updates services to provide mobile delivery of large files to on-board navigation systems
  • iTunes Tagging allows consumers to capture and store artist and song information heard on HD Radio stations for purchase via the iTunes store.
  • Premium Content provides the ability to turn an HD Radio multicast channel into an opt-in service channel, allowing listeners to gain access to specialty content and programming that is protected.
  • Store-and-Replay allows for the recording of programs heard on HD Radio stations for playback at a later time.
  • On-Demand Capabilities provides instant access to news and information. The frustration of waiting for “Weather on the 8’s” would be a distant memory. Two services are currently available in the United States using HD Radio Technology include Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network, as well as the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium – through the combination of NAVTEQ data and a consortium of large radio broadcast groups.

“Clear Channel is proud to offer high-resolution traffic and weather services, local and national news stories, sports stories and scores, as well as stock information as part of its next generation data offering,” said Len Konecny, Vice President of Business Development for Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network. “The expanded bandwidth that HD Radio Technology provides allows us to continue to expand our best-in-class data services to automakers, portable navigation companies, and application providers looking for more granular information solutions.”

Major OEMs Backing HD Radio Technology in Droves

Given the advanced capabilities for HD Radio Technology, this digital entertainment upgrade continues to receive mounting support from the automotive industry – and at an accelerating pace. In total, 13 brands, representing more than 80 vehicles, have committed to including the digital broadcast technology as a factory-installed feature, including Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercedes, Mercury, MINI USA, Scion and Volvo. The fourth HD Radio Forum Europe conference will take place on February 24th, 2010 in Sindelfingen, Germany. To register, please contact: Gereon Joachim, Director – OEM Business Development, iBiquity Digital at joachim@ibiquity.com or +49 2235 68 93 40.

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