iBiquity and partners build HD Radio eco-system for real-time traffic and nav services

iBiquity and partners build HD Radio eco-system for real-time traffic and nav services

Out of this eco-system, a family of HD Radio products is developing, from PNDs to aftermarket and factory-installed OEM automotive units.

"The HD Radio system offers a flexible and cost-effective platform for the delivery of both local and national digital audio and data content to mobile receivers," said iBiquity's chief operating officer, Jeff Jury.

HD Radio technology enables broadcasters to offer drivers up-to-the-minute local traffic, weather and emergency information. Two services are currently available in the US using the HD Radio technology: one through the combination of NAVTEQ data the HD Radio pipe of a consortium of large radio broadcast groups (BTC) and Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network.

Potential HD Radio telematics services can also include advanced navigation, automotive, subscription audio, mobile entertainment and targeted data services, such as

  • Real-Time TMC (Traffic Message Channel);
  • Advanced navigation and traveler information;
  • Traffic database update services to provide mobile delivery of large files to on-board navigation systems;
  • Point-of-Interest (POI) updates to provide mobile delivery of local or regional points of interest information;
  • Localized infotainment such as gas prices, movie times, weather, local events information; and
  • Conditional access

HD Radio data capabilities are currently supported in baseband and module solutions from all HD Radio chip manufacturers such as Samsung EM, NXP, Texas Instruments, SiPort, and STMicroelectronics.

iBiquity Digital has partners with leading navigation application providers such as EnGIS Technologies, Nav N Go, Elektrobit to integrate HD Radio-based LBS solutions and ODM manufacturers such as KRS Electronics, Kiryung Electronics, ForYou General Electronics, Wistron NeWeb Corp and Skypine Electronics to integrate HD Radio-based real-time traffic and advanced navigation services in PNDs as well as in aftermarket and OEM automotive head units.

iBiquity has also built a very detailed support system to accelerate the development and integration of such services, which includes hardware reference platforms such as the Advanced Application Services (AAS) development platform and the EZ-HD test receiver platform for OEM and Tier one automotive vendors. Specific test vectors and RX integration documentation for Clear Channel HD-TMC and NAVTEQ HD services will also be made available to developers, as will sample application software including SDK support.

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