Hyundai to Develop Semiconductors in South Korea

Hyundai to Develop Semiconductors in South Korea

Hyundai is opening a lab in Seoul, South Korea it claims will assist its development of semiconductors for electric/hybrid vehicle powertrain controllers.

The lab will be operated by the automaker’s semiconductor subsidiary Autron as part of its existing joint venture with microprocessor maker STMicroelectronics (STM). The companies claim it will develop “next-generation” technology that meets drivers’ requirements for “quality and performance”. However, the news comes amid indications that the electric vehicle market may be set for a downturn.

STM executive vice-president of Asia Pacific sales and marketing Jerome Roux claimed the establishment of the Seoul lab would build “on the success” the two companies had had in developing electronic control systems for cars together. He added STM was “excited to continue” the joint venture with Hyundai “using ST’s extensive semiconductor technology and expertise for automotive applications”.


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