Hyundai, Kia Launching EV Pilot Projects

Hyundai, Kia Launching EV Pilot Projects

Hyundai and Kia are partnering to launch a series of electric vehicle pilot programs in South East Asia.

The first such program will be in Singapore next year, and entails the automakers collaborating with locally based mobility platform Grab, in which they are jointly investing $250M. A company statement says the program will explore ways of using “EVs to maximize cost efficiencies for Grab’s driver-partners”. Further projects will include collaborations with local and national governments across the region on making its infrastructure more EV-friendly, including the construction of rapid charging stations.

The automakers say they aim to research methods for the efficient deployment of EVs in South East Asia’s humid climate. Hyundai, Kia, and Grab will also work together on EV “customization” and “optimization” for mobility platforms.

Hyundai, which first invested in the platform in January, and Grab claim they plan to build on their “existing strategic partnership” by devising ways of boosting awareness and adoption of EVs in the region. Hyundai chief innovation officer Dr Youngcho Chi said Grab was “an invaluable partner that will help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in South East Asia”.

Grab president Ming Maa claimed the two companies “share a common vision on the electrification of mobility as one of the key foundations for building an environmentally sustainable and lowest-cost transportation platform”.



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