Hyundai Claims Green Envy is New Sales Draw

Most new UK car buyers are considering ‘green envy’ as a decision maker in their vehicle choices.

A study by Hyundai has revealed that when it comes to car buying, the vehicle’s green credentials are four times as important as its acceleration and top speed. Nearly 60% would consider owning an electric or hybrid vehicle instead of a gasoline or diesel to cut down on their carbon emissions.

Consumers’ climate consciousness extends further with 22% admitted they try to outdo their peers when it comes to recycling and reducing their carbon footprint. One-in-five said they had fallen out with a friend or neighbor because they thought they were harming the environment. Some 58% admitted they get annoyed at neighbors who put recyclable items in with general waste. Another 15% judge their neighbors poorly for their lack of recycling while four-in-ten actively inform friends and family if they have bought an eco-friendly product.

Londoners are most likely to try and outdo their friends and family when it comes to recycling and reducing their carbon footprint at 33%, while those in East Anglia with just 14% are the least competitive.

However, back in the world of auto buying, 58% said cost of the vehicles was their biggest concern when considering an eco-friendly car, followed by 54% being worried that there aren’t enough charging points. Both the time it takes to charge a car and range anxiety were major concerns for 46% of respondents.

A spokesperson from Hyundai said: “The findings show how important the environment is to people living in the United Kingdom, with 70% of respondents regarding man-made climate change and pollution as the biggest issue facing humanity.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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