Hydrogen-Powered Trucks Talk of the Town in Atlanta

Hydrogen fuel cell is the order of the day at the North American Commercial Vehicles Show in Atlanta, Georgia, as two manufacturers show off their technology.

American powertrain company Cummins and Korean automaker automaker Hyundai  have both announced hydrogen fuel cell-powered HGVs, although for now the latter’s is only a concept.

Cummins has shown off a truck with both hydrogen fuel cell and battery technology. It has a 90kW fuel cell, which is upgradable up to 180kW, while also having a 180kWh lithium-ion battery. This gives the heavy duty vehicle a range of 150 to 250 miles, which can be further improved by adding additional hydrogen tanks, or increasing the pressure inside each tank, or by installing extra fuel cells to optimize management of vehicle load, thereby improving efficiency.

Hyundai’s vehicle, meanwhile, is a hydrogen-powered truck with a distinctive grill running the whole way around the vehicle, which Hyundai says is for ‘cooling purposes’, with packaging challenges requiring the fuel cell and hydrogen tanks to be cooled sufficiently. As it’s a concept, named the HDC-6 Neptune, it has futuristic looks, with a large, curved windscreen and sleek LED lighting. Unfortunately, Hyundai has not released any technical specifications of the vehicle.

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