Hybrid Radio – Cellular and Broadcast Combined Win the Dash


This paper examines the nascent hybrid radio market from an automotive industry perspective, to understand the drivers of both the technical and commercial development. It identifies the current state of play in terms of commercial offerings, operational requirements, component services & standards and development options. It looks at the challenges impacting players in the ecosystem and assesses the evolving business model, and the resultant adoption of the technology and related services.

Currently, there are two operational commercial services implemented in Audi and Mercedes vehicles. The Audi hybrid radio solution was developed by Audi internally and leverages a variety of content and sources to deliver basic hybrid radio functionality. The Mercedes solution takes advantage of the global solution developed by Xperi, marketed under the name DTS AutoStage. Both these solutions will be discussed later in this paper.

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  1. Avatar Mario Da Re 16th March 2021 @ 9:05 am

    I see in the concept of hybrid radio the idea of ​​a removable on-board computer that can also be used elsewhere. Also valid for monitoring the various vehicle functions: consumption (electricity, etc.); pollution level; brake wear, etc.

    [Intravvedo nel concetto di radio ibrida, l’dea di un computer di bordo asportabile e utilizzabile anche altrove. Valido anche per il monitoraggio delle varie funzioni del veicolo: consumi (elettricità, ecc.) ; livello di inquinamento; usura freni, ecc.]

  2. Avatar Rajan Chadha 24th March 2021 @ 3:44 pm

    Onboard monitoring of vehicle is important but if there is a solution that can predict in advance issues and communicate back even when no internet and can connect to any ERP, Billing, CRM system for action – this is no doubt a new generation solution.

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