Human Horizons Unveils ‘Digital’ UX GT Concept

Chinese premium automaker, Human Horizons, has announced its latest BEV concept aimed at creating a digital experience for consumers.

The vehicle, called Digital GT- HiPhi Z, is a 95% representation of the production car and will be officially on display and available for purchase reservations at the 2022 Beijing Auto Show, in April. with mass production and delivery within 2022. This will be the company’s second flagship model following the HiPhi X Super SUV.

The futuristic design will employ the automaker’s BEV HiPhi family’s use of aluminum and steel construction with the use of vegan and sustainable materials throughout. It also lays claim to hosting a wide array of technology as well as Human Horizons’ signature intelligent AI.

The market ready HiPhi Z will feature what is being dubbed the Star-Ring intelligent signal display (ISD) light system, electromagnetic doors, active aero spoiler, and flexible protective wheels. There’s also ‘shimmering’ internal trim together with interactive lighting band on door panels and backlit screen.

The vehicle’s ‘digital soul’ is underpinned by a vehicle-mounted multi-axis displacement digital robot HiPhi Bot and, through collaboration game software company Epic Games, the an advanced 3D rendering development engine, Unreal Engine 5. Naturally there’s also in house developed smart driving assistance technology that supports self-driving algorithms.

Human Horizons founder Ding Lei, said: “For this new range of vehicles, we look up to concepts of space and time for inspiration, drawing parallels between science, art, human imagination, and sensory experience to create something truly special. As a flagship model, the HiPhi Z represents everything we want to be in a brand and is built for people who are, like us, driven by a desire to explore and create.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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