Hughes Telematics, Inc.: “Consumers will become more dependent on ‘always connected’”

Hughes Telematics, Inc.: “Consumers will become more dependent on ‘always connected’”

What does your company do?

HTI is a leader in implementing the next generation of connected services. Centered on a core platform of safety and security, HTI offers a portfolio of location-based services for consumers, manufacturers, fleets, and dealers through two-way wireless connectivity. I am responsible for product development, which is in a state of constant innovation to discover new services that bring value to vehicle drivers and automotive companies.

How do you differentiate your offerings from your competitors?

HTI operates a robust, state-of-the-art service delivery platform that can deliver a comprehensive set of services with the desired level of personalization and contextual content. This platform enables low-cost, fast-to-market strategies for participants in the automotive industry, including
•dedicated telematics service delivery platform
•Next Generation Telematics Architecture (NGTA)
•flexibility to enable preferred call centers
•highly available software and hardware platforms
•supports multiple wireless carriers and protocols
•easy integration for numerous content providers
•scalable to add high volumes of customer.

You are an integral part of our upcoming Content & Apps for Automotive USA event. What key issues will you be discussing with the industry at the show?

The business side of delivering contents and apps to vehicles, and the competing forces of delivering the apps to the vehicle.

Which trends will impact the industry the most in the coming years and why?

The continued growth of mobility; consumers will continue to become more dependent on ‘always connected’ and reject products that do not enable their lifestyle. The emergence of electric vehicles and their impact on the economics of countries. The importance of social media and its impact on consumer behaviours, buying patterns, and economic trends.

What partnerships are you currently forging? What industry milestone have you recently achieved?

HTI has partnerships with multiple participants across the telematics value chain and continues to grow our relationships to meet our customer’s needs. In November of 2009, HTI and Mercedes-Benz USA launched a new telematics service called mbrace with a richer feature set for Mercedes-Benz owners. HTI has delivered the first mobile application integrated with an embedded telematics system (Mercedes-Benz mbrace). HTI leverages its connectivity platform for its aftermarket, consumer-installed in-Drive solution, and also announced in May 2010 the creation of Lifecomm, a new mobile personal emergency response system and service in a joint venture offering with Qualcomm and American Medical Alert Corporation.

Which apps, services, or cars are on your 2011 wish list?

The broad deployment of telematics in North America and US OEMs making it a standard.

Mike Peterson will be speaking at the Content & Apps for Automotive USA event. For more information, check out Content & Apps for Automotive USA.

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