Hughes and Intrado set new benchmark in road accident response

Hughes and Intrado set new benchmark in road accident response

The Intrado® Emergency Call Relay Centre (ECRC), a hardened and secure call centre facility operated 24/7 by emergency dispatch-trained professionals, will be the main link in this exclusive relationship.

All Hughes Telematics-equipped vehicles will call the ECRC when the airbag deploys with Automatic Crash Notification (ACN), or when a passenger provides notification of an emergency situation. ECRC personnel will immediately route the call to the closest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) directly through the dedicated 9-1-1 network, eliminating delays in potentially life threatening situations.

Hughes Telematics-equipped vehicles will provide PSAP personnel with immediate access to critical information to enable the PSAP to dispatch the appropriate rescue personnel.

Intrado has the industry's largest dedicated staff of 9-1-1 data integrity analysts who maintain the accuracy of Intrado's PSAP database. This database, coupled with HUGHES Telematics' technology, facilitates a swift, accurate and appropriate response to drivers in emergency situations.

"The partnership between Intrado and HUGHES Telematics demonstrates the power of an advanced 9-1-1 network," said George Heinrichs, president of Intrado. "By providing new types of life-saving information directly to nation's emergency responders we can better assist them on their life-saving mission."

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