How the J-1 Visa Program Can Help Train Foreign Automotive Talent in the US


Sponsored Content’s latest Audio Interview features Gennady Babankov.  Mr. Babankov is a Manager of the SHRM Exchange Visitor (J-1) Program. SHRM is the Society for Human Resource Management.  He oversees two private sector exchange programs for foreign trainees and interns and helps develop, implement, and promote SHRM benefits portfolio for global mobility and immigration members. Prior to joining SHRM in 2019, he managed several education and training programs sponsored by the federal government, including the Flagship Overseas Language Program (U.S. Department of Defense), Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program (U.S. Department of State), and the Open World Program (Library of Congress).

In the 19-minute audio interview, Mr. Babankov discusses these questions:

  • You propose to launch this program under the umbrella of the J-1 Visa Program, but what is the J-1 Visa Program?
  • Please tell us more about the program eligibility requirements.
  • Many of our members/clients/partners are familiar with visas such as H1B or L1 that have been traditionally used to support corporate training and rotation programs. How is J-1 visa different?
  • What is required of a host company?
  • In what ways do host companies benefit from the participation in the J-1 Visa Program?
  • You made it look so easy. Are there any program-related and post-program restrictions?

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