How long is a “lifetime” subscription?

How long is a “lifetime” subscription?

Garmin recently announced: "Garmin Mobile for Blackberry introduces a lifetime of navigation".

Only available in North America for customers who prefer a one-off payment rather than continuous monthly payments, the one-time purchase is $99.99, as opposed to $9.99 per month.

What's the catch?

The one-time purchase plan is not transferable between BlackBerry devices.

While it's understandable that you can't pay once and then switch the service from one device to another and back again for the whole family to share, the problem arises when the user upgrades his Blackberry, or buys a new one to replace a lost or broken device.

No, confirms Garmin, he can't transfer the service to his new device.

So, if you lose or break your device, your "lifetime" Garmin Mobile for Blackberry goes down the tubes with it.

In this case, a "lifetime subscription" applies to the lifetime of the device, not the user.

It's a decent deal as long as you don't lose, break or otherwise dispose of your device within ten months.

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