How did Mexico Become Rising Star on Global Auto Stage?


Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Gary Swedback.  Mr. Swedback is CEO of NAI Mexico and NAI PanAmericas, part of the NAI Global network, a leading industrial  and commercial real estate firm.  NAIMexico operates 25 offices across Mexico and Latin America, and works with many global customers, including those in the auto industry. Gary is a sought-after speaker on Mexico & Latin America industry and business issues.

In the 29-minute audio interview, Mr. Swedback discusses these questions:

  • What differences are you seeing in Mexico industrial operations during the last 12 months, and during the last 24 months? What happened during the Pandemic? Are there continuing challenges?
  • How has migration from the Pacific Rim Changed? How much is driven by supply chain issues? And how are labor rates in Mexico, compared to Pacific Rim and other markets?
  • Is there an impact on Mexico from the Ukraine-Russia war?
  • How long will the global operations demand for Mexico Last? Is the surge in activity a cycle?  Are there any other sectors that may migrate to Mexico?
  • What tools are global firms using to evaluate moving or expanding in Mexico?

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