Honda Targets Compact Urban Market With First BEV

Honda is clearly aiming to hit the urban short-haul commuter market with a lightweight compact car as its first mass produced BEV

The Honda e will feature a relatively small 35.5kWh battery providing just 125 miles of range, deemed enough to cope with the daily commute in from the suburbs. When using fast charging the car claims to recharge to 80% capacity in 30 minutes. The battery is water-cooled to enhance efficiency and range in various climate temperatures and can be charged using a Type 2 AC connection, the standard EV charger in Europe, or a CCS3 DC rapid charger.

Its charging port is located the center of the car’s bonnet with a LED light visible through a glass panel to illuminate the port and highlight battery charge status. To lower center of gravity and help driving dynamic, the battery pack is positioned centrally within the wheelbase and under the floor enabling the desirable 50:50 weight distribution.

Honda isn’t talking about the electric motor’s specifics just yet, but it has said it will be a “high torque motor” delivering power to the rear wheels. The Honda e is part of the automaker’s strategy to offer electrified powertrains in 100% of its European products by 2025.

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