Honda Enters V2G Bi-Directional Charging Battle

Honda Enters V2G Bi-Directional Charging Battle

Honda is launching its bi-directional, wireless vehicle-to-grid (V2G) energy storage system at CES 2019.

The automaker has partnered with electric vehicle technology company WiTricity on development of the system. The companies claim it can “reduce carbon dioxide emissions, balance the energy grid, and save money for EV owners and electric utilities”. However, the tech is not anything completely revolutionary; Nissan currently offers V2G energy storage, the main difference being its system is not wireless.

WiTtricity says the system uses its DRIVE 11 wireless charging platform, which can send electric power from a Honda EV’s batteries to the grid that an EV can then access when it needs to recharge. The Honda will need to be parked on “a wireless charging ground pad” to do this. It claims Honda EV owners will be rewarded by energy utilities for adopting the system.

The two companies have been jointly researching wireless V2G since 2016 and presented a ‘feasibility study’ on the subject at the SAE World Congress earlier this year. WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen claimed the system would allow Honda EV owners to “benefit from the convenience of wireless charging, utility incentives and ability to power their homes with excess energy”.

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