Hitachi Links with NXP on DSRC-based V2X

Hitachi Links with NXP on DSRC-based V2X

Hitachi Solutions and NXP Semiconductors are joining forces to develop a new vehicle-to-everything (V2X) hardware and software package aimed at the Japanese market.

The package will incorporate a V2X modem and processor manufactured by NXP and a software stack developed by Hitachi. They claim it will assist automakers in the development of their own V2X products and will allow hardware and software of this nature to be deployed at the 5.9GHz and 760 MHz bandwidths mandated by US/EU and Japanese regulators respectively. This is happening at the same time that PSA, Huawei and Baidu are launching V2X programs in China.

V2X is claiming the SAF5400, the modem from which the program will run, is “the world’s first automotive-qualified, high-performance single-chip DSRC modem that also supports Japan”. The modem deploys NXP’s software defined radio (SPR) technology, the platform of which is compliant with multiple regional standards. NXP claims this feature will make it easier for carmakers to launch their own V2X products internationally. It and Hitachi also say the modem’s engine is able to verify incoming communications securely.

The companies plan to launch the package in Japan by 2019, followed by Europe and North America shortly thereafter. NXP vice president of ADAS modems Patrick Morgan claims it “will enable developers in the Japanese auto market to develop the next generation of V2X for Japan and beyond”.



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