Hegemon PLC readers & tags get E-mark approval


This certification establishes the Hegemon implementation of the PLC4Trucks as the international standard for tractor/trailer communications, and expands the global market for the PLC4Ttrucks protocol.

The Hegemon PLC system is a cost effective and robust method of communicating between tractor and trailer, offering 100% positive connection.

When interfaced with an OBC installed on the tractor, the system transmits the unit's ID and on/off hook status to the dispatch centre.

It can connect multiple units in a train, transfer reefer unit data and interface to other monitoring devices such as tyre pressure sensors, brake stroke indictors, etc.

The reader device can be supplied with a range of interfaces including serial, J1708, TTL, and CanBus for customer-specific interfacing, allowing for a fast and cost effective implementation.

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