GyPSii and Garmin sign global multi-year agreement


Under the terms of the agreement, GyPSii will provide technology, products, worldwide data centre infrastructure, development licences and GyPSii branding rights to Garmin, on a worldwide non-exclusive basis for a range of Garmin products.

Garmin expects future products to include friend finding applications that support the GyPSii-powered location-based social networking services platform.

The agreement provides development licences to Garmin to leverage the GyPSii location-based geo-social networking services infrastructure for internal development and integration with its products. The agreement also has provisions for revenue sharing between GyPSii and Garmin.

GyPSii incorporates a range of location-specific functions and mobile lifestyle services – including mobile search, user generated content-sharing and social networking – in a single platform.

GyPSii currently interoperates on Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices, as well as the Apple iPhone, along with browser-based Internet connected devices.

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