‘Green Guilt’ Latest Weapon to Promote BEVs

Kia research suggest car owners could be shamed into switching to BEVs by ‘green guilt’ trips from their families and friends.

The automaker’s survey of UK automotive consumers found 49% suffer green guilt and admit exaggerating about their green lifestyle because they feel social pressure to be greener. Its research also found that seven in 10 Brits feel pressured by family and friends to be more eco-friendly, with 34% wanting to buy an electric car as their next vehicle just to boost their green credentials. A topic explored in our article BEVs Remain Worst for Global Warming.

The research revealed that 77% plan to buy an ecological car in the next three years, citing climate change as the driving force to go green despite there being no conclusive evidence that BEVs are greener than diesel powered vehicles in countries heavily dependent on fossil fuel to produce electricity.

Other survey findings include:

  • 60% of UK consumers are ready to switch to EVs;
  • 21% are looking to purchase an ecological car within the next 18 months;
  • More than 33% are encouraged to buy an ecological car because they are allegedly better for the environment;
  • Sir David Attenborough is the most influential celebrity encouraging a greener lifestyle, beating Greta Thunberg;
  • 46% admit their children pester them to make greener choices;
  • Colleagues and social media influencers impact 53% when it comes to being green.

However, the research also looked into what holds Brits back from buying an EV revealing there is still a lack of understanding. Top concerns include 43% fearing running out of battery mid-journey, 40% worried about not being able to find a charging point en route, 37% admitting not knowing enough about ecological cars and 35% worried BEVs take too long to charge.

Steve Kitson, director of corporate Communications at Kia Motors UK said: “It’s great to know that Brits are ready to embrace the electric revolution but it’s clear there’s still a lot of myth busting to be done. We now need to help consumers see how they can tackle ‘green guilt’ and make a positive impact on the environment by taking the leap and going green with their next car. At Kia, we’ve announced our plans to have 11 electric models in our line up within the next five years to ensure we are leading the way for the electric revolution.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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