Great Wall Shows How Butch a BEV Can Get

Proving that even EVs can be big and butch, China’s Great Wall carmaker has unveiled two full-size pickup trucks with all the red-blooded appeal that a good ol’ boy could want.

The global premiere of its P series at the Shanghai International Auto Show 2019  shows that a full BEV can strut the required tough-guy image hard-core off-roaders and commercial truckers demand. Three variants of the trucks have been developed on the automaker’s all-new P71 platform which boasts architecture with a non-load bearing chassis.

Employing a full BEV powertrain, the P series claims a nominal range of more than 310 miles and high-efficiency charging, which can be completed in two hours. The pickups are equipped with ZF’s 8AT gearbox and multi-link rear suspension. Other features include self-adaptive cruise control, auto hold, automatic parking, remote start and a smart voice control system.

The cross-country pickup includes differential locks in the front, middle and rear of the vehicle, snorkels, a winch, cross-country shock absorbers, crawl control, on-the-spot U-turn ability and a fording depth of 900mm (34.5-ins). For the commercial fleet user variant, rear suspension is traditional leaf-springs although the third more luxurious version offers the cross-country’s multi-link set-up.

While all three vehicles displayed employed BEV technology, the carmaker promises a hydrogen fuel-cell version will be launched in the near future.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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