Google Mobile App for iPhone now includes voice search

Google Mobile App for iPhone now includes voice search

This launch builds on the previous version of the Google Mobile App for iPhone to enable users to search the web while they're on the go: by voice and by location.

With the new version of the app, users can conduct a Google search by simply speaking their queries into their iPhones. Voice Search uses speech recognition technology to transform spoken words into text and then runs the query through Google web search as if it had been typed manually.

Additionally, to provide an even faster and more natural experience, when the app is turned on, Voice Search will detect the phone's movement and activate automatically when you want to do a search. This feature allows you to naturally bring the phone up to your ear and speak your search into the phone, just as if you were talking on the phone.

This update to the Google Mobile App also uses the iPhone's location detection to further personalise search results.

A spoken query like "pizza," "movies" or "weather" will return results tailored specifically to the user's current location.

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