Golf-Buggy-Sized EV Leaves Buyer Out of Pocket

Tech startup Squad Mobility has unveiled the Squad, a solar panel electric vehicle which resembles a golf buggy with a laughably high price tag.

Despite its appearance, which may be more at home on a golf course than a busy city centre, the car – that’s what Squad Mobility has said it qualifies as – will cost over €5000 ($5500), with deliveries starting in 2021 and pre-orders open now. Alternatively, Sono Motors’ solar panel EV has all these things, as it is a proper car, and costs €25,500 ($28,800).

The base model’s top speed will be 28mph, while a faster 50mph version depends on initial demand and legislation governing these kinds of vehicles.

It has a solar panel on the roof and can also be recharged by plugging in, with over 5000 miles chargeable via solar power every year in a ‘sunny country’, according to the company. Battery size or electric motor specifications have not been disclosed.

However, it doesn’t have any of the things you’d expect a car to have, including door panels, windows, protection from the weather, a proper steering wheel, or enough seating for a family, with the Squad only fitting in children below 4.1ft in height on the rear seats, which again are open to the elements.

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