GM, Microsoft and BBC contribute to Telematics Update’s Connectivity Strategies Report 2013

GM, Microsoft and BBC contribute to Telematics Update’s Connectivity Strategies Report 2013

Telematics Update’s Telematics Connectivity Strategies Report for 2013will be released on Friday 25th January. An industry wide survey of 250+ senior automotive telematics executives revealed that telematics companies and content providers are suffering from a huge knowledge gap into the development cycle of the connected vehicle. There is a clash of business models as telematics and content providers consider different strategies, such as the smartphone, to integrate dynamic content into the vehicle and, as a result, how to generate revenue is not clear. Telematics update’s exclusive report includes interviews with experts from GM, Microsoft and BBC and results from an industry wide survey in order to uncover a robust business model that can capitalize on these new automotive technologies – and importantly shed light on overcoming their technical challenges.

The different approaches from several automotive telematics companies prove that there is no clear standard for integrating content. Rick Kreifeldt, Vice Preseident, Global Automotive Strategy explains their plans “Right now, we’re making a big push for HTML5,” says Rick Kreifeldt, Vice Preseident, Global Automotive Strategy “and we see that as a big part of our strategy for providing upgradability to the head unit itself,” through which the driver experiences Harman’s infotainment capability.

Leo A. McCloskey, Vice President of Marketing, Airbiquity, reveals their approach “Rather than rely on the goodwill of all ecosystem participants, it might be useful to have a few standards for managing the interaction of driving and content and services. There are a number of industry bodies working on different approaches, which is good. I’m not sure there will ever be a single answer, but having fewer, hardened, tested choices would be of benefit to nearly all ecosystem participants.”

These experts show that there is a clear need for clarification of effective content integration strategies and who to form partnerships with. Telematics Update’s Telematics Connectivity Reporthas come at the right time and promises to answer these imperative questions. Topics include:

·         65+ pages of winning strategies from Microsoft, GM, Toyota and BBC to integrate content to ensure your products remain relevant to the next development cycle of the connected vehicle

·         Market forecast to 2031 reveal exactly what content will attract consumers so you can to develop a future-proof business model to monetize in-vehicle content and applications

·         30+ graphs & figures to help you overcome technical challenges such as hybridization, tablets and smartphone integration to enable you to position your products at the forefront of innovation

·         The types of content such as insurance, traffic and entertainment services, that will drive automotive sales for the next 3-5 years

In-depth interviews and independent research has been undertaken with the following industry pioneers. Contributors and case studies include:

·         Harman

·         Toyota

·         MirrorLink (Nokia)

·         Real VNC

·         Renault

·         Ford

·         BMW

·         Microsoft

The full report will be released in Friday 25th January but the complimentary executive summary can be downloaded via the website:

There is a special $1,000 pre-order discount available on full report price until Friday 25th January. The report can be pre-order directly via the website:


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