Global Automotive Study: Top trends to look out for throughout 2023 and beyond


Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Matthias Riemer.  Mr. Riemer is a Partner in the global automotive practice of Simon-Kucher in the Cologne office. His work focuses on commercial excellence, growth, and go-to-market strategies for automotive companies. Helping manufacturers launch new electric vehicles and digital (in-car) monetization have been the main scope of his work in recent years. With experience in more than 20 countries he is looking back at a long history of working with leading traditional and new automotive brands in Europe, Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

In the 20-minute audio interview, Mr. Riemer discusses these questions:

  • How have customer sentiments changed given the current economic situation?
  • How do global automotive brand preferences develop in the light of electrification?
  • The study also investigated the transition towards direct and digital sales. What should automotive OEM and retailers be aware of across generations?
  • How do the overall trends you found within the auto industry translate into growth opportunities for businesses worldwide?

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