GKN Trials Two-Speed BEV Jeep

The world’s first two-speed BEV is undergoing trials in the harsh conditions of a Swedish winter.

A Jeep Renegade has been modified to sport a two-speed transmission and torque vectoring on its front axle using an electric drivetrain developed by GKN Automotive. Its ‘GTD19’ demonstrator vehicle is undergoing extensive testing at GKN’s annual winter testing program in Arjeplog, Sweden,

The vehicle is fitted with an two-speed ‘Seamless shift’ eTransmission and smart shifting strategy which, GKN claims, could extend vehicle range as well as provide greater torque, acceleration and a higher top speed. Improved efficiency also comes from the car’s eAxle’s coaxial format, while stability and dynamic performance is enhanced thanks to the torque vectoring capability of GKN’s eTwinster system.

Hannes Prenn, COO of GKN ePowertrain said: “This new technology demonstrator showcases how we are evolving and improving integrated eDrive technologies to help OEMs further improve efficiency, safety and driving dynamics.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_



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