German Public Warming to Driverless Trucks, Bosch Says

German Public Warming to Driverless Trucks, Bosch Says

Automotive tech giant Bosch has conducted a survey suggesting increasing numbers of Germans are comfortable with sharing major roads with fleets of autonomous trucks.

The survey revealed 37% of respondents said they were no more comfortable with trucks being operated by human drivers than they were with trucks being operated fully autonomously. One-in-four said they’d have greater confidence in an autonomous truck than one being driven by a human.

However, nearly 40% said they would rather haulage companies place human drivers at the wheel than leave their trucks to be operated with no human involvement when devising fleet management strategies. 56% also reported feelings of irritation with the numbers of delivery trucks on the roads but 73% said they’d be unwilling to do less online shopping to alleviate this situation.

Bosch is using the survey’s findings as evidence of its claim that Germany’s residents “increasingly favor automated trucks when it comes to safety”. A company statement suggests the technology on an autonomous truck’s dashboard “could prevent a large number of accidents”, 90% of which “are due to human error”.

Commenting on the study, Bosch management board member Dr Markus Heyn said: “Delivery traffic on Germany’s roads must become safer and more efficient, because it doesn’t affect just logistics companies and retailers but all road users”.


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