German mapping company announces funding

German mapping company announces funding

United Maps "fills the gaps in road networks", adding building footprints, pedestrians paths, mass transit information and relevant topical layers.

United Maps' strategy is to take basemaps – from vehicle navigation mappers like NAVTEQ, Tele Atlas or AND – and algorithmically match them with value-added cartographic data and relevant information layers into new data products.

According to co-founder and chief information officer Stefan Knecht, United Maps' aggregation of diverse datasets is highly automated and delivers more than 90% correct matches, and processes and workflows are optimised for international markets and products.

United Maps' target markets are mobile devices and Smartphones, location-aware media & services in online portals and business process optimisation. The company's white-labelled and on-demand services cater primarily for vertical B2B markets and professional customers.

United Maps will start producing improved maps this month, with Germany scheduled for Q1 2009, and Austria, Switzerland and another 200 European cities to follow in Q2 2009.

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