GE Security teams up with Liberty Mutual Agency Markets

GE Security teams up with Liberty Mutual Agency Markets

Using GE Security's NavLogix software and data from an accelerometer, the new fleet management system enables managers and fleet ownersto reduce insurance, fuel and maintenance costs whilst providing an accurate account of the location of each vehicles.

Onboard Advisor enables fleet manages to monitor driver behaviour by providing detailed reports on each driver and scoring them on fuel efficiency and aggressive driving.

The Performance Advisor component measures how frequently and severely a driver speeds, brakes and corners to calculate safety scores. Using Onboard Advisor, fleet managers can also replay driving events on Google street maps with second-by-second detail.

Onboard Advisor also provides the full range of more traditional GPS software features, allowing fleet managers to further minimise risk and costs. Real-time alerts can score drivers on fuel efficiency. Also, by monitoring the real-time locations of their vehicles, fleet managers can also dispatch vehicles more efficiently and make sure drivers are using the most cost-effective routes.

There are no up-front costs for the hardware or installation, and only a low monthly per-unit fee for this fleet management tool.

Furthermore, customers who insure their fleets through Golden Eagle Insurance, Liberty Northwest and Ohio Casualty can install Onboard Advisor and realise savings on their commercial auto premium of up to 15% in the first year and up to 40% based on fleet performance on coverage renewal.

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