GE Capital Fleet Services launches Intelligent Ops, as the ng Connect Program welcomes 11 new members

GE Capital Fleet Services launches Intelligent Ops, as the ng Connect Program welcomes 11 new members

GE Capital Fleet Services launched Intelligent Ops, an integrated business intelligence solution for operations and sales leaders who manage mobile personnel. With a simple click of a mouse, operations and sales leaders can now access mobile resource performance ranking by division, customer cost analysis, and exception-based alerts for driver best practices and coaching opportunities. Feature-rich heat maps deliver market coverage, activity, and opportunity insight at-a-glance.

“The new Intelligent Ops solution will revolutionize the way business leaders think about and manage their mobile operations,” says Dyan Finkhousen, mobile resource intelligence strategy leader for GE Capital Fleet Services. “We’re driving innovation into smart mobile technologies to help our customers exceed their business and fiscal goals and define a new standard of operational excellence.” Intelligent Ops is part of GE’s Mobile Resource Intelligence telematics program, a suite of telematics-based business intelligence solutions designed to give business leaders critical decision tools for their enterprise productivity, efficiency, compliance, safety, and green objectives.

EVs heat up the Paris Motor Show

Kia unveiled the Pop, an über light and small electric vehicle, at the Paris Motor Show. The Pop is a three-seater, just three meters in length, which can reach speeds of 140 kilometers an hour, according to Kia. The car also boasts a range of 160 kilometers on a single charge and an LED screen that controls the majority of the car’s functions. Meanwhile, Mini unveiled the Scooter E, a concept two-wheeled EV scooter with a single electric motor and a compact lithium-ion battery stored under the scooter’s seat. Mini estimates the scooter’s range at 50 to 60 kilometers.

New Passenger Information Monitor from Taxi Magic

Taxi Magic unveiled the Passenger Information Monitor (PIM), a device installed in the back seat of taxis to provide passengers with a rich entertainment experience during the ride and convenient, secure, credit card payment at the end. The device is designed for rugged taxi conditions and includes an HD touch screen, speaker system, 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, and easy integration with other in-vehicle devices via a multi-port junction box. The device is designed and built in South Korea. “Taxi Magic has consistently provided the best technology in the industry, and their PIM is a world-class device,” says Brad Whittle, president of Colorado Cab.

Telogis adds fuel card feature

Telogis introduced the Fuel Card Reconciliation Report, a new addition to the Telogis Fleet vehicle management application. The feature compares data from fuel card transactions with GPS-provided vehicle locations to verify authorized use of the card in one easy-to-read report. If a card is used without an approved vehicle within a specified range, that information is called out on the report to the fleet manager. “We see this as another way for fleet managers in all industries to monitor and protect their mobile resources,” says Jason Koch, president, Telogis Fleet. “Fuel expenses are always going to be part of the cost of doing business, but this fuel card report gives fleet managers a tool to help identify and end unauthorized expenditures.”

Network Fleet and MOREY Corp

Network Fleet extended its outsourced manufacturing partnership with MOREY, a leading electronics manufacturing services company in the US. In addition to supplying all of Network Fleet’s telematics-based fleet management hardware, MOREY will now take on sole product design and fulfillment responsibilities. Previous to partnering with MOREY, Network Fleet conducted a thorough analysis of potential outsourced manufacturing partners in low-cost countries like China. The decision to build in the US rather that offshore or near-shore stemmed from the need to quickly change product design to add new features, rising wages in low-cost countries, fuel and global shipping costs, and general inflexibility, all of which contribute to total cost of production.

Octo Telematics joins CVTA

Octo Telematics joined the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA), a non-profit business organization established to facilitate interaction and advance the interests of firms involved in the vehicle communication environment. Octo Telematics is the leading global provider of insurance telematics. The company adds an average of more than 1,300 new customers each day in Europe and is actively conducting pilot projects and developing new mobile service applications for the US market. “Their addition to our association will accelerate our mission to bring benefits to the traveling public and help promote deployment of the cooperative vehicle environment,” says Harry Voccola, CVTA Chairman.

The ng Connect Program +11

The ng Connect Program announced the addition ofeleven new members: including Skymeter, BlogRadio, and Atrato. The ng Connect Program is a multi-industry organization committed to the development and rapid deployment of the next generation of broadband services based on long-term-evolution and other ultra-high-bandwidth technologies. Skymeter is a leader in financial-grade GPS applications and plans to focus its collaboration efforts on enhancing billing delivery, congestion management, and the payment functions of the next generation of services for tolling, parking, and pay-as-you-go insurance.

BlogRadio is an innovative mobile media services developer. As an ng Connect Program member, the company will contribute its text-to-speech and streaming media expertise to create a solution that turns written materials into cloud-based audio and video streams available anywhere, anytime.

Atrato is a storage innovator specializing in high-performance, autonomic-tiered storage solutions. The company will collaborate with other ng Connect members to improve storage management and performance for an array of data-intensive applications including virtual hosting, business analytics, entertainment services, and digital content distribution.

Andrew Tolve is a regular contributor to TU.

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