Garmin nüvi 1690 and nüLink! connect drivers with online information

Garmin nüvi 1690 and nüLink! connect drivers with online information

nüLink! provides direct links to online information like Google local search, traffic, weather, fuel prices, movie listings, real-time flight status, local events, white page telephone listings and Ciao!TM – Garmin's patent-pending location-based social networking system that connects multiple networks into a single portal for Garmin users.

Customers can also opt to use the nüvi 1690's preloaded POI database to search for a location and then receive turn-by-turn, voice prompted directions to the destination. The nüvi 1690 includes lane assist with junction view. Map and traffic data is provided by NAVTEQ.

The nüvi 1690 is Garmin's first mobile navigation device to transform traditional social networking into location-enabled social networking. Through Ciao!, users can share their whereabouts, enabling friends to see their location on a map and then navigate to that location.

Ciao! currently aggregates information from GyPSii and uLocate's Buddy Beacon social network services, and additional social network partners are expected in the future.

The nüvi 1690 comes standard with ecoRouteTM, which enables users to creating fuel-efficient routes based on fuel consumption rates, estimated driving speeds and vehicle acceleration data.

The nüvi 1690 incorporates Bluetooth® wireless technology, and can be paired with more than 200 Bluetooth enabled phones to allow users to retrieve and dial numbers stored in a supported phone's contact list, and view the phone's call history log or the nüvi's preloaded POI database.

The US version of the nüvi 1690, which comes with preloaded maps of North America, is expected to be available in the fourth quarter, and will include two years of free Garmin nüLink! service.

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