GadgetTrak® launches MacTrak™ with location from Skyhook Wireless

GadgetTrak® launches MacTrak™ with location from Skyhook Wireless

According to Ken Westin, founder and CTO of GadgetTrak, Skyhook's location technology allows MacTrak to send the location of the device to the owner along with a photo of who is using the system.

Consumers carry more and more mobile devices with them every day, and the risk of device theft or loss is increasing. According to the FBI, one out of every ten laptops sold will be stolen within a year of purchase, 97% of which will never be recovered.

GadgetTrak's products are poised to secure and recover millions of at-risk mobile devices, as well as protect the data that's on them.

Kate Imbach, director of marketing at Skyhook Wireless, said that Skyhook's Wi-Fi Positioning can pinpoint the location of a stolen device to within 20-30 metres, even in dense urban areas or indoors.

When a MacTrakTM enabled laptop is stolen, the device owner can remotely activate tracking for their stolen system. Once the stolen device connects to the Internet, GadgetTrak's patent-pending software determines the location of the device using WPS. It will also activate the Mac's camera and photograph the thief. It will upload the image, location and network information to Flickr and send an email to the owner with the same information. The data will continue to be sent over time until tracking is disabled.

"Interestingly, this solution proves you can do a lot more than social networking with the web apps out there," commented Telematics Update managing director, Thomas Hallauer. "Can one imagine a fleet management system based on off-the-shelf web apps like Loopt, Flickr and Skyhook?"

Westin is not as optimistic: "Our solution focuses on protecting the device and its content. If a blackberry is stolen, we can access the email and clear everything out. But we are not hardware vendors; we reuse the capabilities of the hardware we track to make the solution run."

Still, says Hallauer, the insurance sector would love an asset management system that sends the thief's photo on Flickr!

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