Foxconn/Tata Motors Consortium Hope BlackBerry Can Boost BEV Adoption

BlackBerry’s software platform has been chosen to power an open ecosystem aimed at boosting BEV adoption by a consortium backed by Foxconn and Tata Motors.

The Mobility in Harmony (MIH) consortium hopes to create the ecosystem using to BlackBerry QNX to provide the foundation for its next-generation platform. It will also use a range of BlackBerry software and services to serve as the safe and secure software foundation for the consortium’s open and agnostic electric vehicle platform with a unique modular design approach.

MIH consortium includes a range of suppliers and automakers including owners of Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors, and battery maker LG Energy Solution that will design electric vehicle platforms. One of these will be Project X, a single-row three-seater geared towards Asian consumers and is set to be unveiled in Japan in late 2023. MIH will also release six-seater and nine-seater vehicle platforms in the coming years to provide more vehicle segment choices.

On top of the QNX platform, BlackBerry will also provide the consortium with its automotive AI platform, BlackBerry IVY, including the QNX Software Development Platform licenses, QNX middleware technologies, as well as engineering professional services for system-level integration, performance optimization and solution validation.

Jack Cheng, chief executive officer at the MIH consortium, said: “MIH is committed to driving an open and agnostic ecosystem, with a focus that goes beyond just electric vehicles. Our ambition lies in crafting intelligent user experiences that enhance smart living and redefine the future of mobility and green logistics. BlackBerry’s alignment with MIH’s vision makes them the perfect partner for our goals. We anticipate deeper collaboration to realize our shared vision to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry and we’re thrilled about our partnership with BlackBerry.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_  and Threads

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