Four Days Power for Your House From EV, Claims Nissan

An electric vehicle has enough battery capacity to power a house for up to four days.

This is the claim for Nissan Europe’s EV director, Thomas Chretien, who spoke to TU-Automotive at the 32nd Electric Vehicle Symposium in Lyon this week. In France, the average person drives around 18 miles a day, mostly commuting to and from work, picking up children from school or going to the shops. This type of use, Chretien said, is “the ideal use case for an EV”. However, that means most of the electric capacity in the car is wasted since because, according to Nissan’s data, people arrive at work, either plug their car in to top it up or just leave it in the car park, then drive home again and plug it in until it’s at full capacity. This means that, for most of the time, there is unused battery charge in the car which is going spare.

This is why Nissan, among other manufacturers, has been investing so heavily in vehicle-to-grid technology (V2G) which can earn an EV owner money from supplying the charge in the vehicle back to the national grid, similar to how a feed-in tariff works when solar panels produce excess energy.

However, Chretien did admit an EV isn’t right for everyone because, while the automaker’s research suggests 80% of the French population drives less than 31 miles a day resulting in fuel savings against an ICE powered vehicle, it’s clear owners would have to keep the BEV many years to make up the extra forecourt cost against a traditional car.

Critics of V2G say it reduces battery longevity because the battery is constantly charging and recharging, meaning the capacity, over time, reduces but Chretien countered, saying: “With frequency balancing, which charges the battery then lets it drop to, say, 98% then back up again to 100%, this doesn’t harm the battery in any significant way,” he said. This is similar to how some mobile phones and laptops never charge beyond 98% using this technique to protect the battery.

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