Four Challenges Related to the Recycling of Batteries from EVs

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview hosted by Ron Hesse features Frederic John.  Mr. John is the Co-Founder and COO of Belgium-based D-Carbonize. He is an MBA graduate from Imperial College London, and also teaches sustainability to the University of Mons (in Belgium) and Paris Gustave Eiffel (in France). He is a certified carbon expert and shares his expertise as a volunteer facilitator for the global not-for-profit organization “Climate Fresk”.

In the 19-minute audio interview, Mr. John discusses these questions:

  • Why this study, why now?
  • What are the main challenges the recycling industry of batteries will have to face?
  • How may the different types and technologies of batteries impact the recycling phase?
  • What are some of the key elements to consider as a recycling company in a business model?


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