Ford Turns to Hybrid for F-150 as BEV Truck Sales Flag

Ford is turning to the ‘Toyota’ way of thinking by doubling its production of hybrid F-150 pickup trucks next year following a miserable take-up of its F-150 Lightning BEV.

US truck buyers have been vocal in letting Ford know the range restrictions of a BEV truck is not acceptable while self-charging hybrid powertrains have no such issues. Reuters reports the automaker is now pivoting back towards gas-electric powertrains as a hedge against this reluctance of truck buyers to go all-electric.

Ford said it is tooling up to equip 20% of the best-selling model-line in the US market with electrified powertrains in 2024. The hybrid powertrain will be offered at the same price as a truck equipped with a six-cylinder EcoBoost combustion powertrain, the company said.

The automaker revealed the redesigned, 2024 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid and the rest of the lineup at an event ahead of the Detroit Auto Show’s opening to the public. Ford and Toyota are currently leading a rebound for hybrid powertrains in the US. If sales meet Ford’s new expectations, the hybrid F-150 could become one of the three best-selling hybrid models in the US, vying with Toyota’s RAV 4 compact SUV. Ford Blue unit vice-president Andrew Frick said: “We are building some upside into the production schedule. Every hybrid we sell is more beneficial [to the environment] than a traditional ICE vehicle.”

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