Ford to reveal innovations related to voice-activated SYNC technology

Ford to reveal innovations related to voice-activated SYNC technology

“Ford continues to lead by bringing together the automobile and consumer electronics industries,” said Mulally, who also headlined at 2009 International CES. “With the introduction of SYNC, we enabled our technology partners to allow consumers to use their mobile devices through the automobile in a safer way. At CES, we will show how Ford vehicles will become docking stations for mobile devices, thanks to our alliances with key technology players, and we will demonstrate how voice activation will be the key technology for future in-car experiences.”

Ford has made one of the remaining “un-wired” places – the automobile – a connected destination for mobile devices.

Ford SYNC has enabled an interaction that consumers have come to expect from every other aspect of their lives – their televisions, personal computers and mobile devices – all while helping reduce driver distraction. Ford has applied best practices from the technology and telecommunications industries, moving from hardware- to software-based platforms and bringing to market new innovations and applications for vehicle buyers at unprecedented speeds and rates.

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